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About me..

I’m khadiijah AJOKE Bakare,founder of YorùbáChamps. A homeschool teacher/coach, a Yorùbá curriculum developer, story writer and Yorùbá rhymes composer.

I have been teaching for years, dealing with children on a “differential learning style”, that is, a child moves at his or her own pace. We see Yorùbá children home and abroad drop this language for foreign languages and the fear of this language becoming extinct prompted the invention this online class, “YorùbáChamps”.

Deep research further revealed that our being engrossed in religion other than the Yorùbá traditional religion pulls parents away from enrolling their wards for a Yorùbá language class. This motivated me more, because l know l can teach the language without tampering with the kid’s faith.

So, we started by putting up adverts for people to see and know what we’re doing. We do this in a unique way. Not the usual traditional and common method of teaching and learning our dear wisdom ladened Yorùbá language. No wonder someone once sent us a message on Facebook, saying,
” I love the concept You use in teaching Yorùbá language. You have indeed carved your niche. Allahuma Baarik”.

How do we go about our teaching….

At YorùbáChamps,we make sure this dreaded language is presented to Children in a fun filled way…A student centered class….A class from concrete to abstract…..A class for the visual and auditory learners…….For the Reading and Writing and also the kinesthetic learners!.

You can speak and read the Yorùbá language.

You can even add intonation marks. Clap for yourself 👏.

But wait! What about your kid(s)?

“Not really….”

Oya, don’t bother clapping. Tell me why your kids can’t communicate in their mother tongue!

These factors, for some people, is due to living in the diaspora or relocation to a foreign country.

While it is just lack of interest or pure ‘overdose’ on westernization for some.

How about giving them sound and quality Yorùbá Education beyond home conversation at YORÙBÁchamps.

We have blended Yoruba Curriculum planned by certified professionals.

Yorùbá Curriculum that teaches your wards their heritage without exposing them to information that are detrimental to their faith and beliefs.

Enroll your kids with us at YorùbáChamps today. Let them have access to our standard on-line, hands-on Yorùbá Language Training.

Check the flyer for more information.

Let’s get started today!

Khadiijah Bakare
Founder, YorùbáChamps.

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