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“Ọmọ tó so’le nu, so apo ìyà kọ” says the words of our forefathers; to depict the importance of embracing one’s cultural traits which language happens to be a big part of.

Yorùbáchamps is a virtual Yorùbá language tutorship platform founded years ago to promote the correct usage of the Yoruba language amongst kids and adults both locally and internationally.

Seeing Yorùbá children in Nigeria and abroad drop this language for foreign languages and hearing our precious language constantly being subjected to unchecked bastardization prompted the invention of this online class, “YorùbáChamps”.

Deep research further revealed that our being engrossed in religion other than the Yorùbá traditional religion pulls parents away from enrolling their wards for Yorùbá language class for fear of being influenced by cultural teachings that do not go in line with their beliefs.

This and more motivated us to come up with approaches that helps us teach the language without tampering with your kid’s faith.

No wonder someone once sent us a message on Facebook, saying,
” I love the concept You use in teaching Yorùbá language. You have indeed carved your niche. Allahuma Baarik”.

How do we go about our teaching…

At YorùbáChamps,we make sure this knowledge ladened language is presented to Children in a fun filled way.
• A student centered class.
• A class from concrete to abstract.
• A class for the visual and auditory learners.
•For Reading and Writing and also the kinesthetic learners!

Yorùbáchamps offers all these and more and boasts of credibility that has earned it nominations in the Cultural category of an award for trailblazers in different sectors.

Yorùbáchamps prides itself on the diversity of the location of its students.

From having students in Nigeria, to the United Kingdom, USA, Saudi Arabia, Canada and others.

You may reach us personally by contacting us. You may also check out our social media or YouTube channel to catch a glimpse of our expertise.

With our worksheets, stories, games, videos and lots more, you are assured an excellent Yorùbá language skill.

Our diligence and uncommon approach to teaching the yoruba language have earned us good reviews from clients and thus their referrals…it’s a great deal!

When teaching kids virtually, it is important to know how to incorporate fun into the lesson lest it becomes boring.

Activities should be prioritized as much as verbal lessons because kids get easily fed up of usual routines.

It is easier to make kids fall in love with a process if you think like them.

Pick your phone and type ‘Yorùbá language’ on Google, click search and greeting you will be numerous videos of people from different races and countries learning or maybe speaking Yorùbá excitedly and in high spirits.

But over here in Nigeria, Yoruba language has become a language even kids of Yorùbá tribes are not allowed to speak!

Learning the mother tongue is not just necessary. It is important. And being bi/multilingual boosts a child’s cognitive development.

Yorùbá is rich and ambiguous language, and learning it can be easy and fun if you register with Yorùbáchamps.

Are you an adult female?
Or you have a child struggling with speaking or reading Yorùbá?

Then this class is for you.

Register with Yorùbáchamps and enjoy ceaseless flow of rich Yorùbá Language.

Recently, we have been working on a webinar for kids and I am happy to announce that it is about to become a reality. Alhamdulillah!

This will give parents the chance to test what our Yorùbá language tutorship programmes are all about.

YorùbáChamps webinar will be the passport for kids to participate in our Yorùbá language YouTube series as voiceover artistes.

Each child that registers for the webinar will get a chance to be one of the featured voices in a series each, on our YouTube channel Bi’idhniLLah.

More information will be updated as soon as we round off the plan for other vital activities to be featured in the webinar.

May Allah keep us alive in good condition till and beyond then.Aamiin.

We can’t wait!

© Yorùbáchamps

Meet our team…..

Teachers, coaches and educationists coming together is our success story.

Bashir Aina Rashidat…. Yorùbá language. (BSc

Baseerah Aderoju Sulayman- Sholaja
English Education (BSc), A teen coach.

Adetoun Oguntola – Rasheed.
English Education (BSc), A human resources expert.

Maryam Aramide Sulayman- Admistrator

Abdulmannan Olamilekan Sulayman- Designs manager.

Saheed Ajibola Bakare – patron.

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